Policy Changes

Please note that registered courses may only be added or dropped up to 14 October, 2012 (one week before the start of term), with prior approval of the student's Associate Dean. Where a student decides to drop a class for whatever reason after this deadline:

                            i.   this will appear as Withdrawn (WD) on the student's transcript if the student informs the Associate Dean by the end of the first week of term – this will not affect their GPA;

                   ii.   after that, the course will appear as a Fail grade (Grade Point = 0) in their transcript, except under extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student (when a WD will be recorded instead, provided that adequate justification with supporting evidence can be provided in a timely manner).

                               iii.   Note that, if a student subsequently opts for a prolonged leave of absence, this does not apply.

For a change of Session or a change of Major, student should first approach their College Associate Dean to inform the latter of their intentions and get initial approval and to get the relevant form.

                                   i.   A student can only change Major during the registration period before the start of the term after they have completed their Foundation Year.

                                 ii.   Normal students can change Major without charge, whilst Full and Partial Scholarship students must pay the appropriate fee once the transfer has been approved.

It is important that students register early, so that we and they know which classes will be run and which will be canceled because of insufficient enrolment.

For further information, please contact the Office of Student Academic Affairs or the Office of Information, Admissions and Registrations or phone:  023 993 274, 76.