How to Get Scholarship Abroad By Mr. Kim Long

The distance from Penh Penh to Cambridge, UK isabout 10 thousand kilometers. I had a chance to go there on 26th July because I saw an announcement about the Murphy Scholarship 2015 program that was shared on UC’s information board by Mr. Pay Chheng How, Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Languages, back in March, and I applied for it. Eventually, I won this scholarship alongside another winner, Monita, who was going to study in Cambridge for two weeks. We went together and arrived at Cam-bridge late at night, yet we were staying with different families.

I went to school early to register the next day, and took some tests with many new students from different countries. After the school tour, I attended class with 11 other students from Russia, China, Argentina, Germany, Thailand, and Italy, and we were very happy. There was alot of speaking, discussion, questions and answers, and conversation in a very friendly way with different people from time to time. The school cafeteria served incredible cuisine from different countries everyday. As the weather was so nice, students could have lunch on the benches outside, or in the beautiful schoolyard.

We went back to class after lunch to discuss and practice plenty of grammar and vocabulary, and we always shared our experiences and thoughts with one another. We all really enjoyed the class because our teacher made the lessons exciting and interesting. I loved spending time in the schoolyard and the parks to get fresh air after class. I explored the beautiful Cambridge campus almost every day, and went to see London at the weekend, which was absolutely amazing. Finally, I had an incredible chance to meet, and had a very lively conversation with, Mr. Raymond Murphy who is the donor of the scholarship along-with with the other scholarship winners from Thai-land and Cambodia.

I received my evaluation paper alongside my Bell certificate on my last day at Bell. We left for Phnom Penh on Saturday, 9 August in the morning, and arrived safely at 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. I cannot believe that I had this amazing experience to study at Cambridge, and I am really grateful for this wonderful experience.