Academic Meeting with Deans, Associate Deans, and Faculties regarding Term III, 2014-2015 Implementation

On August 1, 2015, Dr. Y Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs, hosted an Academic Meeting with Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, and teaching faculty to give an orientation on the implementation of Term III, 2014-2015. The meeting was conducted two days before the start of the term in Room 408 at the University of Cambodia from 8:00 to 9:30 morning.

The main purpose of the meeting was to brief the academic management team and teaching faculty on proper preparedness for effective implementation of Term III; to report on the assessment outcomes for Term I and Term II, 2014-2015; and to receive feedback from teaching faculty in order to improve overall operations and address any raised issues.

The agenda of the meeting was comprised of the following topics: Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Lecturers with a main focus on Teaching, Responsibilities of being a role model, Equity, Honesty, Assignments, Examinations, Relations with Students, Relations with others at the University of Cambodia, Relations with the community at large, Research Activities, and Performance Evaluation.

Before focusing on the main agenda, Dr. Y started by briefing the meeting on the outcomes of implementation during Term I & II. He stated that in general the outcomes of lecturers’ performances on teaching techniques, ability to explain lessons and covered materials, techniques for getting students involved in class participation, activities and assignments and presentations and so on, were very positive. The mean level of satisfaction on the performances of lecturers was from 3.50 to 5.00. However, some students complained that they could not catch up with lecturers in some lessons and could not complete all assignments due to a very high amount of course work.

Thereafter, Dr. Y thoroughly explained the agenda. Additionally, he strongly suggested that teaching faculty read and follow all academic and operation policies; engage in research activities, and attend other activities hosted by the University of Cambodia. More importantly he insisted that they strictly implement course syllabi, the code of conduct, and be role models for students.

The meeting suggested that UC install more fixed LCD projectors in more classrooms to the increase needs for teaching. In response to this suggestion, Dr. Y said that the University will purchase about ten more LCD projectors and fix them into classrooms. However, he also asked the faculty to use other means of teaching in order to keep up with teaching and learning trends, as promoting a culture of reading, and analyzing texts are very important.

Last but not least, Dr. Y encouraged the faculty to use all UC facilities including the libraries and labs, and

asked them to encourage students to use libraries, in order to make the libraries an active and lively atmo-sphere. He also asked faculty to remind students to wear their UC ID cards when they are on campus. UC will start to implement the use of ID cards more strictly starting in Term III. Dr. Y hopes that with the full

support and cooperation from faculty, the implementation of Term III will result in the best outcome.