Basic Library and Librarianship By Mr Chea Chen

In response to the invitation from the Cambodian Librarians and Documentalist Association, Mr. Chea Chen and Ms. Seng Kannha, Library Assistants, were assigned to attend the library training entitled, “Basic Library and Librarianship” at the Cambodian Higher Education Association (CHEA) headquarters. There were around 100 librarians from private and government institutions at the library training.

The workshop started at 8:00am for participant registration. At the beginning of the event, H.E. Heng Vanda, Chairman of the CHEA Board of Directors, gave a welcome speech for the opening session. In his remarks, H.E. Heng Vanda expressed his welcome and appreciation to all the participants with a special emphasis on importance of librarian roles in library development.

The library training was organized with specific objectives to provide knowledge, and to promote and strengthen librarian development capacity. The library training was conducted for five days, and we learned about basic library operations and management, collection development, cataloging and classification, library reference services, and lastly we toured the libraries at RUPP, PUC, and AEU. There were five speakers on library training such as Ms. Mao Kolap who holds a MBA in Library Sciences from the USA, Mr. Gregory Bem, Ms. Lim Saing Chou, and Mr. Net Wanna.

In conclusion, attending library workshops is significant for librarians in their effort to broaden thier knowledge, and build capacity. Additionally, participants have a good chance for building friendships, communication, partnerships, and are able to learn from each other. The library training was a good resource for strengthening the teaching-learning process, and for promoting the strengthening of educational institutions in Cambodia.