Alumni Talk By Mr Bun Pengh

I am Bun Penghuy, a fresh graduate who received a scholarship from the University of Cambodia. Upon graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree of Law (L.L.B) from the University of Cambodia, I was offered a job as a Legal Adviser at KCP Cambodia law firm, whose head office is in Singapore. I am pleased to share my experience as a law student at UC.

I have learned and gained legal knowledge from different lecturers, some of whom are lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. During that time, I really enjoyed discussing and debating legal matters, not only with my class-mates but also with lecturers. Unexpectedly, I enrolled into a course called “Legal Research and Writing,” taught by Mr. Mam Thana, Associate Dean for the College of Law. This particular course is very useful for law students to shape their future careers. For instance, when I applied to the law firm I am currently work-ing for, I was asked to take a test consisting of legal knowledge and skills. One of the test items was to write a letter of advice to clients. Suddenly, I recalled what I had learned from “Legal Research and Writing,” and wrote what I could remember from the course. After the interview, waiting for the result for one day, and then being offered the position, I came to realize that UC has truly helped me a lot, especially the above-mentioned course. I am strongly confident that the law courses conducted at UC are fundamental in prepar-ing students for their desired careers.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my law lecturers, namely Lecturer Eang Sopheak, Lecturer Than Chanchamnan, Lecturer Chan Dararasmey, Lecuter Keo Vanny, and especially Associate Dean Mam Thana, for teaching me how to write the memorandums of law. Also, thanks to UC for helping to shape the person I am today. Without a scholarship from UC, I would not have the success I have today, especially; I would not have gotten this job. I encourage you all to get involved with UC activities as much as possible.