UC Debate Competition

On August 15th, 2015, the University of Cambodia’s Debate Club conducted a debate competition, which was jointly organized between the University of Cambodia and PHD (People Health Development Associa-tion). The debate competition lasted the entire morning, and students debated the pros and cons of the fol-lowing topics:

  1. Women are Important Agents to Reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates
  2. Men are Important Agents to Better the Promotion of Women’s Rights

At the beginning of the event, Miss Soun Khanra, and Mr. Van Dana, who were the project holders and mentors of the UC Debate Club, said, “What we are organizing today it is just a friendly internal debate competition which gives all UC Debate Club members a chance to experimentwith their knowledge of debate and to build confidence. Around 8:15 am the first group, which had four members on each side (pro and con), started their debate. Three judges were invited from the University of Cambodia: Dr. Y Ratana, Mr. Chheang Sangvath and Mrs. Neang Lyna. After a very competitive debate session, the judges had a difficult time determining the winning team. The judges gave their recommendations and feedback to each team before they announced their decision that that the winner should be the pro-side group.

At around 9:30 am the second group started and invited new judges to the panel: Mr. Yeang Sethsampratha from PHD, Mr. Ratanakis from PHD, and Mrs. Neang Lyna from UC. They decided that the winner of this debate was the con-side group. Before the closing remarks, the judges honored all the debaters by giving them some gifts, and sharing an appreciation letter with them. There was also a session for all participants and judges to take photos together.