Dear Students, Welcome to UC - A Letter from the UC BoT

Dear Students, 
On behalf of the University of Cambodia, we would like to welcome all of you to a brand new academic year. Academic Year 2015-2016 promises to be one of UC’s most exciting years; with the launch of the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations, the College of Media and Communications, the Council for Research and Creativity, the completion of the new building, and recruitment of countless new staff and faculty members UC is truly evolving. 
To all our new students, we know that this is an incredibly exciting time, but you may also be feeling nervous or scared. We want to reassure you that UC is here for you. At UC we have an open door policy, meaning we want you to come to us with any problems you face. Your Associate Deans, the Academic Foundation Year Department, and the Student Development Center are here to guide and assist you through this first term of your studies, and throughout your time here at UC. We want to encourage all of you to take advantage of the many resources UC has to offer, including the Toshu Fukami Library and E-Library. Also, please don’t be afraid to ask questions, we at UC believe learning is facilitated through clear understanding, so if you need help – simply ask for it. On behalf of all our Colleges, Schools, Centers and Departments, we wish you all the best of luck in this first term; study hard and have fun!
To all our returning students, welcome back! We hope that throughout your time at UC, you’ve come to see us as a second home. We truly are a family here at UC, and we are grateful for each and every one of your contributions to our dynamic community. We want to encourage all of you to get involved. To join a club or organization, participate in social work, or get an internship. UC offers a wide range of clubs and activities including the UC Student Senate, UC Debate Club, and the UC Sport Club. We encourage all of you to make this academic year one to remember; challenge yourself to learn outside of your courses, participate in competitions, and conduct research projects. UC is here to support you, and help you to grow into a qualified graduate ready for the work place, so please make use of our numerous resources. Welcome back to another year, and good luck! 
UC is expanding more quickly than ever. This year alone we have launched the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations, the College of Media and Communications, the Division of Graduate Studies, and the Council for Research and Creativity. Our commitment to bring the highest quality education to Cambodia has never failed, and in fact has been constantly renewed – this year is no exception. On behalf of the UC President, UC Management, Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, Faculty and Staff, we would like to extend the most sincere welcome and promise of support to each and every UC student, old and new. 
You are all now an important part of the UC family, and we are overjoyed to welcome you into this supportive, intellectual community. 
Best of luck to you all!
The University of Cambodia Board of Trustees