Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to be familiar with and follow the classroom code of conduct:

  • Students should be conscientious and self-disciplined, and take full personal responsibility for their studies and other actions. For their own benefit (and out of respect for their instructor and their classmates), students should be conscientious in their timekeeping, including completing assign¬ments on time, and thus class attendance is important for students’ learning. It is taken in all courses and is included in the student’s final grade in the class. Failure to maintain adequate attendance will mean that the student is barred from sitting exams and will forfeit any Scholarship awards. Students who have to miss a class for whatever reason during the term should apply for a Leave of Absence. Students who arrive late and/or leave early, or who miss a class, should not expect any preferential treatment from the faculty.
  • Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Faculty members are required to be responsible for enforcing the rules and for disciplinary actions.
  • When on campus, students should wear their UC ID.
  • Students should respect Cambodian customs: they should avoid being dressed provocatively or participating in public displays of intimate behavior.
  • the use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in classrooms.
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in classrooms, the Toshu Fukami Library, and E-Library and the various computer-based Laboratories
  • Disruptive behavior and abuse of privileges (for example by blocking others’ access to the WiFi) on campus will be reported.
  • Students should avoid arranging to meet members of faculty off-campus, including going on trips which do not have the official approval of The University of Cambodia