Student Organizations

The UC Student Federation is the umbrella group for all the student organizations at The University of Cambodia; these organizations include the UC Student Senate (UCSS), the UC Debate Club (UCDC), the UC Cambodian Red Cross Youth (UCCRCY), and the UC Alumni Association (UCAA).These student-led groups encourage community service and strengthen the university as a whole by having some of the most dedicated students advocate for UC in a variety of manners. These organizations represent The University of Cambodia at local and national meetings, competitions, and events, and thus each group is highly respected. UC also has two other clubs, including the UC Sport Club and UC Volunteers Program. Thus, students have a wide variety of clubs to choose from, and UC actively supports students in getting involved!

The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) is comprised of a self-elected body from a student population which, with the support of The University of Cambodia, is responsible for organizing and coordinating extracurricular activities to facilitate interactions amongst students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. Students are encouraged to join and participate in these events, which include the Khmer New Year celebration, International New Year celebration, Mock-ASEAN, UCSS Green World, and a short story competition. There are three main missions for UCSS: serve the students’ interests, serve the University’s interests, and serve society’s interests. For further information, please contact
The UC Debate Club is a student organization within UC which was created for the purpose of building a strong team to debate against other universities and other national and international competitors. The Debate Club aims to improve students’ oratory skills, encourage confidence in delivering speeches, and build leadership skills and teamwork. Additionally through the creation of well researched debate topics, the Debate Club aims to teach and develop critical thinking skills and evidence-based research methodologies. UCDC has won first place in several events, including:

3G Debate: Gender and Good Governance (2014)
Cambodian Red Cross Debate on “Youth and Road Safety” (2015)
National Debating Competition (2015)
National Youth Debate Competition on Environmental Issues (2016)
Debate Forum on “Raising Awareness about Begging on the Streets” (2017)

For more information, please contact
The Cambodian Red Cross Youth is a student organization that aims to help people by performing various social activities, such as doing charity work or participating in humanitarian activities. The group follows the criteria of the Red Cross Central Committee and allows students to gain experience and knowledge outside the classroom. Today the Red Cross Youth Network contains over 30,000 youth led by nearly one thousand advisors in different schools and universities throughout 25 municipals/provinces. As agents of behavioral change and peer educators, the Red Cross Youth have played a very important role in promoting a culture of sharing, helping, and strengthening the nation. For more information, please contact
The University of Cambodia has formed an Alumni Association for students who have graduated from our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This association aims to nurture and sustain relationships among current and future alumni and the University. The University believes in lifelong learning and the value of continuing education to help build a well-educated community committed to the positive development of Cambodian society. The Association offers programs and services to alumni who wish to connect with other alumni and the University.
The UC Sport Club consists of a soccer team and an athletic team led by UCSS sport club project holders, and is supervised by a committee of advisors from the UC management team. The members of both teams are recruited every year based on the planned activities of the year (i.e. soccer and track and field events). The interested students are trained and tested in friendly matches before final team selections are made. Each member must be in good academic standing throughout their time on the team. The teams participate in various matches including friendly and competitive national level matches. The UC Sport Club promotes healthy living, teamwork, and networking with other institutions in Phnom Penh and beyond.
The UC Volunteers Program (UCVP) encourages students to make an impact in the community by dedicating their time, energy, and resources to improving the livelihood of others. UCVP exposes students to the benefits of community service and balances students’ studies with real life practical work experience. By volunteering, students can provide valuable services to the community, and promote a culture of giving back. UCVP aims to develop students’ leadership and professional skills and establishes a spirit of inclusion and togetherness among UC students, alumni, faculty, and staff.