Study Abroad

The University of Cambodia actively encourages its students to study abroad. We also warmly welcome other international students who want to study here on an exchange program. Studying abroad is one of the most challenging, exciting, and inspiring activities that any student can undertake, and The University of Cambodia believes that it adds another dimension to the whole learning experience. Study abroad also makes students more marketable to employers, due to the skills one gains from going overseas: patience, critical thinking, independence, culturally sensitivity, flexibility, and intelligence.

The easiest way to study abroad is through the SHARE scholarship program, which offers a fully-funded, one semester exchange for undergraduate students from selected universities across the ASEAN region. There are approximately 500 available scholarships, of which 400 scholarships are allocated for intra-ASEAN mobility and 100 scholarships for ASEAN-EU mobility. The University of Cambodia is one of only four universities in Cambodia that offers this opportunity. For more information on how to apply, please visit and contact the Office of Public Affairs, Communication, and Alumni, located on the first floor.

If students are interested in pursuing other study abroad programs, they should contact their respective Dean or Associate Dean. The University of Cambodia has dozens of university partners around the world, and works with each of them in determining how many credits one can transfer each term.