UC Five Year Strategic Plan




-          Based on Anukret No. 51 អនក្រ.បក dated on 20 June 2003 on the recognition of The University of Cambodia by the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

-          Based on UC’s Mission and Vision, and Internal Rules of the University;

-          Based on the need to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC);

-          Based on the need for reform to ensure the quality maintenance and improvement of The University of Cambodia;

-          Based on the Decision No. 16002 UC.D dated on 18 January 2016 on the Revision of the Revision of the UC’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, 2016-2020.

-          Based on the Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting on 27 August 2020;

-          Based on the Minutes of UC Executive Meeting on 28 August 2020;

-          Based on the Minutes of UC Executive Meeting on 01 September 2020;

-          Based on the Minutes of UC Executive Meeting on 23 October 2020;

-          Based on the Minutes of UC Executive Meeting on 20 November 2020;

-          Based on the report of working group meeting on 26 November 2020.




I.          UC’s Strategic Goals

Our primary Vision and Mission are to become the institution of choice for higher education in Cambodia and in the region in terms of quality provided, academic excellence and research. The University is fully committed to long-term sustainable development, has identified the following strategic goals for achieving this end:

1.      a centre of excellence for teaching and learning;

2.      a centre of excellence for research and creativity;

3.      a centre of excellence for language training and technology skills;

4.      a centre of excellence in leadership, diplomacy, strategy and media training;

5.      a centre of excellence for the long-term sustainable development of the University;

6.      a centre in Cambodia for building alliances and partnerships for collaboration with other universities, think tanks, the private and public sectors and other like-minded institutions to serve mutual interests;

7.      a centre for continuing education, soft skills empowerment and community development; and

8.      a centre for consultation, dialogues, conferences and other interactions.


To accomplish this Vision and Mission, and after close consultations with different intellectuals, stakeholders, students, faculty, staff, alumni and interested parties, The University of Cambodia has revised and updated its Five-Year Strategic Plan (FYSP) to identify and refine the specific steps for implementing these goals. These actions are, as follows:


1.        Being a centre of excellence for teaching and learning

1.1           Enhance the quality of teaching and learning through equipping the academic staff, faculty and students with up-to-date facilities, digital knowledge and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) skills.

1.2           Empower the Colleges and Schools with up-to-date and well-designed curricula based on 21st century teaching methodologies.

1.3           Promote a culture of creativity and innovation by setting up practical research projects, internship programs and annual competitions at the university-wide level as well as for each school and college.

1.4           Enrich the teaching faculty by way of annual reviews and recognitions, trainings, promotions, and capacity building.

1.5           Respond to the evolving labor market by regularly engaging with professionals and leaders in the private sector and relevant industries so that students interface successfully with the demands and challenges of the changing market situation.

1.6           Produce qualified graduates who demonstrate achievement in knowledge, skills, attitude, values and ethics that are really needed by different levels of the society.

1.7           Aim to achieve the highest degree of quality of knowledge and skills which are relevant to the needs of the society at large.

2.        Being a centre of excellence for research and creativity

2.1           Promote a culture of research and creativity among students, faculty, scholars, and members of the UC community by undertaking activities related to research and innovation.

2.2           Engage outside partners in order to work on collaborative research and training projects for mutual benefit.

2.3           Encourage the publication of research activities from all involved parties, with the purpose of sharing knowledge, teaching and learning experiences.

2.4           Promote capacity building in critical thinking, scientific analysis and original research.

2.5           Become a forum where UC intellectuals, innovators, educators, faculty, researchers and students can participate, share knowledge and skills, and contribute to knowledge creation.

2.6           Recruit long-term and committed researchers and allocate sufficient/ suitable budget for research activities across the university and enhance UC as the Center for Research and Development.


3.        Being a centre of excellence for language training and technology skills

3.1           Promote language programs by becoming the premier centre for the study of languages and cultures, including the Khmer language, in order for students to succeed in a globalized world.

3.2           Foster a sense of curiosity and lifelong learning of information, and communications technology (ICT) by offering relevant courses and by embracing the latest teaching and learning approaches, and technologies, including e-learning.

3.3           Establish UC E-learning Center for virtual teaching and learning, which can enable students to learn faster and from the far distance and accelerate teaching and learning styles.

3.4           Work to institutionalize the E-learning culture and operations at UC for the benefits of the UC community.

3.5           Integrate Chinese and English language proficiency in K-Track undergraduate programs as needed for the job market and business communication.

3.6           Build a strong and qualified IT team for both soft and hard wares; while looking for technical and financial supports from local and international partners, industries and supporters.

4.        Being a centre of excellence in leadership, diplomacy, strategy and media training

4.1           Offer and enrich degree programs in leadership, diplomacy, strategy and media communication.

4.2           Provide practical learning and training opportunities in media broadcasting and communication.

4.3           Become a centre for leading scholars, innovators, and policy makers to promote the interaction and dialogue between students, practitioners and other interested parties in Cambodia and the region.

4.4           Continue to motivate, inspire and encourage staff, faculty and students to change the mind-sets and build trust among staff, faculty and management by creating friendly, transparent, inclusive and open-minded leadership and management styles.

5.        Ensuring the long-term sustainable development of the University

5.1           Increase revenue by engaging in proactive fundraising activities through the UC Foundation from all sources of support.

5.2           Undertake project activities, including research projects and consultancy services, that can generate income for the University.

5.3           Set up a UC Endowment Fund and other special funds to support the University.

5.4           Work to increase student enrolment and student retention by providing student support services.

5.5           Brand The University of Cambodia as a leading Centre for teaching, training, learning and research.

5.6           Ensure the best possible and most accessible learning and research resources, including up-to-date physical facilities by continuing to invest more resources.


5.7           Continue to reach out and maintain regular relations with the alumni and recognize their accomplishments and achievements in order to further develop and strengthen the University.

5.8           Build, cultivate and maintain relations of friends and partners of the University from the private sector and other leading industries and organizations.

5.9           Continue to carry out capacity building and training programs for staff, faculty members, and other community members for UC’s long-term sustainable development.

5.10       Continue to provide soft skills trainings and internship programs to students to improve their hand-on skills, working experiences, and career development, and work closely with UC’s partners and other industries for job placement and employment opportunities.

5.11       Establish a new school or college which mainly focuses on STEM aligned with MoEYS’ strategic goals, in addition to continuing to consolidate and strengthen UC’s existing schools and colleges.

5.12       Continue to review and restructure schools and colleges in order to enhance quality of the degree programs, services, communications and management.

5.13       Continue to strengthen the mechanism and policy of the Internal Quality Assurance and Accreditation in accordance with Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) and MoEYS.

6.        Building alliances and partnerships for collaboration with other universities, think tanks, the private and public sectors and other like-minded institutions for mutual interests

6.1           Strive to develop partnerships in collaboration with Universities and Centres of excellence around the world through the exchange of students, faculty, researchers, staff, learning resources and innovative ideas.

6.2           Expand collaboration with the public and private sectors to enhance employability and trainings, including internships.

6.3           Continue to work closely with university partners and other industries to propose and implement new projects and activities.

6.4           Brand selected academic programs, including for online learning, for both undergraduate and graduate studies in order to align with higher education institutions in the region and to recruit overseas students.

7.        Being a centre for continuing education and community development

7.1           Become a centre of lifelong learning by way of offering executive training programs and short-course programs to upgrade skill sets in order to meet the evolving community needs and industry demands.

7.2           Foster the community and school involvement by providing access to the university resources, services, extracurricular activities and community projects.

7.3           Incorporate with global leading business partners, including bankers and ICT-related institutions, to develop and train Entrepreneurship, Leadership and ICT executive training programs.

7.4           Promote in-house trainings on soft skills (critical thinking skills, capacity building, leadership, communication and time management, among others) staff, faculty and interns.

7.5           Integrate and promote the future top 10 emerging skills for 2025 as published in the World Economic Forum website in academic curricula in order to get UC students to be ready for education 4.0 and aligned it with MoEYS’ strategic goals and market demands.

8.        Being a centre of dialogue, conferences and interactions

8.1           Host a wide range of speakers, guest lectures, meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, and fora in order to produce knowledge, expose students to new ideas, provide networking opportunities, and enhance the reputation of the University in order to become the intellectual hub for all stakeholders.

8.2           Organize annual business plan competitions among students by engaging UC’s local and international partners and industries.

8.3           Continue to work closely with Southeast Asia Television (SEATV) and Southeast Asia Radio (FM 106 MHz) to promote in-house practical training and capacity building programs as well as to work in partnership with SEATV to host the education forum, internship forum, scholarships forum and other educational activities to benefit the UC community and society at large.

II.              UC will develop and prepare separate short-term (1-2 years), mid-term (3-4 years) and long-term (4-5 years) work plans extracted from the UC Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and annual work and budget plans 2021 by each office, school and college.

III.              All UC Administration, Staff, Faculty, and related offices are required to read and implement this policy to promote The University of Cambodia as a Centre for academic excellence.

IV.              Any prior decision in contradiction with this one shall be annulled.

V.              This decision comes into effect from the date of signing.




Phnom Penh, 25 January 2021

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of

       The University of Cambodia





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